This suit keeps going, and going, and going

The photo at right is a self portrait taken with my cellphone in the elevator of the hotel in Cologne Germany. Don't you like the buttons that hold the mirror to the wall of the elevator that I inadvertently positioned directly in one of my eyes?

I would have sworn that I would have worn this suit out by now, but after wearing it for four days in Germany, having it balled-up in my luggage twice, dry cleaned three times and then worn for two weddings, I have to say that it's holding up nicely. The pants did develop a very small 1/4" long tear in a seam which is the jacket covers nicely. It looks to me that the stich is very close to the edge of the end of the material, so it was bound to tear at some point. The next time I have it cleaned I'll have them stitch it and all should be as new again.

The pants still feel like I'm not even wearing them, and the suit was never hot even during a summer wedding in Kentucky.

If you need a suit, don't hesitate to give this one a try.

If I had to do it all over again the only thing I might do differently is that I might have gone dark navy blue rather than black. Everything I read said that black is classic, but blue is the best all-around color if you only have one suit. I went black and have noticed that I've been almost the only man in black at most every event I've worn it to.

One more note: The jacket has a fabric patch that is stitched to one sleeve. I was impatient as my wife was looking for a seam ripper to remove the tag, so I went at it with my pocket knife. Id doing so I caused two of the stitches to create something the seamstress called a "pic", which is something like a run in a stalking. She was able to make it almost invisible, but she also reprimanded me to the point that I will not remove this tag on my next suit purchase, but will instead have her take it off. See, I can learn.


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